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Foreign Companies

Companies from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China and Japan have consulted with us in entering Myanmar market, ranging from manufacturing of various products to constructions. We work along with them to help established a strong foothold.

Local Companies

We work with local companies with soft commodities factory to increase their presence in international markets. We also help local entrepreneurs with knowledge aspects to establish their businesses.


We started manufacturing Duwun Purified Drinking Water in November 1994 in hope of building a distribution network in Myanmar. In our nearly 20 years experience with the production we shaped the brand to target a niche market to provide the best quality purified drinking water at a premium value.


Horticultural development has been a big part of our companies with passion and dedication. We started horticultural branch of business in 2003 with just one plantation and we gradually expanded to multi-sites.

We introduced Dragon Fruits and Logan into Yangon market along with other variety of tropical fruits.

Our long term projects include Agarwood, Macademia, Rubber and season projects include vegetables, various kind of Beans and fruits.

Plantations Location

Hmawbi (540 acres, Yangon Division) : It acts as our pilot project field. We have rubber, agarwood, orange, mango, rose apple, dragon fruit, guava, pineapple, papaya, pomeloand seasonal Vegetables.

Pyay (West BagoDivision) : Mango, Dragon Fruit, Sugar Cane, Guava, Custard Apple, Plum & Cotton.

NaungCho (Northern Shan State) : Macadamia, Corn, Dragon Fruit, Soya Bean and Seedling.

Aye TharYar–Taunggyi (Southern Shan State) : Orange, Apple, Dragon Fruit, Peach, Corn, Ginger and Seasonal Vegetables.

AungBan (Southern Shan State) : Orange, Apple, Corn, Niger Seed & Ginger.

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